Home in its
A house is usually what has been set up for you. It is your wiggling and snuggling inside it that turns it into a home.

Dhanak Ficus provides you with all the accessories and momentos that turns your house into your "Sheldon's Spot".

Dhanak Ficus

The ficus trees are sturdy yet ornamental and commonly seen around Sri Lanka. Dhanak is a spectrum of colour. And like its namesake, DhanakFicus brings a breath of fresh air and colour to any room. 

All products are made with natural materials and sourced responsibly, ensuring its longevity and appeal. They can even be handed down through generations and still remain the conversation piece in your home.

Catering To

Your Needs

We reproduce any pattern, in any colour, in any size, using materials like wool, cotton, jute and bamboo silk; allowing us to cater to your exact needs.

We are dedicated to seeing not only our products finding the perfect home, but also ensuring our patrons walk in as customers and leave as friends!

All you need is a,

Piece of Art

As demonstrated below, a carpet is not just an expensive thing, it is art for the floor, elevating a space.

The images shown on this website are products that we have dealt with in the past and may not be available in-store. Kindly view them as a means to get an idea of the kinds of products we have available with us.

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