Drawing Inspiration

from Nature

Dhanak joined hands with Mumbai (India) based Ficus Fine Living in early 2018; a company with the same soul as Dhanak, vastly increasing the range of products, making the local enterprise truly a space to find the most unique items to fill up your home.

While the oriental carpet designs are inspired by nature, our furniture uses recycled material to make functional and beautiful pieces.






Dhanak Ficus tries to go directly to the weavers instead of the middle man, so the full benefit can go to them. Step into our store and experience first hand how they can brighten up any space.



Many of our exquisitely crafted pieces are contemporary with a touch of a bygone era. Everything has a story!

Just the

Right Fit

Most of our products are eco-friendly and our accent pieces are arresting, appealing and add the decorative touch to make your house a home.

The images shown on this website are products that we have dealt with in the past and may not be available in-store. Kindly view them as a means to get an idea of the kinds of products we have available with us.

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